Sunday, February 17, 2013

Here is the list of biggest Scammers and rippers

Please avoid dealing with these people, they are all scammers and rippers and mostly based in Vietnam.
Please email us with other rippers if dealt with so we can put up for people to see.

The Biggest Scammer of 2013
DOnt ever use this site
they are fraudulant site
they have scammed me already is a ripper
his is from
swaeter76 he and hhfun both are the world biggest rippers
dont ever deal with them

Here are 2 biggest Rippers forums is a 100% ripper forum
dont ever deal there
all sellers including owners and staff all of them are ripper

here is a nother biggest forum
Owner hhfun is leading the forum
he has many accounts there
and also some other sellers are also rippers
Like Cyber King, Linuxkernal
Hhfun has many accounts
Ankaboot, Dark REd hate Pooja,James
all of them are rippers
report them

T3es from the owner is a big ripper
he is ripping people with the help of his other staff members
so stay away from t3es and sellers all of the are rippers
Flexman (
ICQ# 455997846
ICQ # 5272058
ICQ 642837794
ICQ: 611836188
ICQ: 643978037
ICQ: 454283278
ICQ: 393777922 
ICQ: 556677591
ICQ: 630358608
ICQ: 551051035
ICQ: 553443953
ICQ: 614622260 is a ripper
i know he is still in hhfun wid some other id
so kindly dont deal him
he ripped me for 100$ lr